Physical Data Destruction

Irreversibly Destroying Your Data for Maximum Security

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Ensure Complete Data Security through Physical Destruction

Prevent data leaks with reliable physical data destruction methods recommended by experts. Safeguard your sensitive information by properly destroying media through disk shredding, crushing, melting, or other irreversible techniques. Choose the most trusted way to render storage media unusable and unreadable.

Trusted Physical Data Destruction Services for All Industries

From Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and financial institutions, our secure data destruction services meet industry and federal regulations. Rest assured knowing your optical media is destroyed in compliance with specifications.

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Ensure Complete Data Destruction: The Advantage of Physical Media Destruction

Ensure complete data destruction with the highest guarantee by physically destroying your disks or drives. The possibility of data recovery becomes highly unlikely. While physical destruction may involve expenses and may not be a long-term cost-effective strategy, it remains a viable option when secure transfer for degaussing is impractical. Intel partners with scrap contractors to recycle metal from melted down hard drives, providing a secure and environmentally friendly solution.

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