Secure Shipping and Logistics

We manage the entire process from beginning to end.

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IT Asset and Data Center Equipment Logistics Management

Streamline the movement of your IT assets and data center equipment with our expert logistics services. Benefit from our extensive experience in supporting businesses of all sizes, from regional to global scales. We understand that every organization has unique security requirements, whether shipping a few boxes or full truckloads. Our flexible shipping solutions cater to your specific needs, ensuring reliable and secure deliveries at all times. Explore our comprehensive logistics options today.

Secure Shipment and Chain-of-Custody

With over half a century of expertise, we guarantee your peace of mind from the moment your shipment departs your premises. Our services include efficient pickups, effective communication, a 24-hour secured facility, and a meticulously maintained chain-of-custody throughout the processing journey. Trust us to safeguard your assets with our proven experience.

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Achieving Optimal Results with Precision and Efficiency

  • Our freight coordinators will help you with all shipping requirements – from one box, to a pallet, to a truckload
  • We will arrange and pay for all shipping for all items we purchase from anywhere in the world
  • Digital photos can be sent before shipments leave and when they arrive at our facility to ensure no tampering has occurred
  • Sealed containers are available for shipping with secure serialized numbered locking seals
  • Specialized handling for inside and out-of-the-ordinary pick ups
  • Dedicated trucks are available for large shipments
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