Secure IT Asset Disposition

Maximize the Value of Your IT Investment

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Unlock the Value of Your Surplus IT Assets and Stay Competitive

Investing in the latest technology can be expensive, but you can offset the cost by selling your old equipment. Discover the hidden value in your surplus and used assets. As companies strive to reduce costs, equipment vendors constantly innovate, leading to faster retirement of IT assets. We’re here to simplify and secure the process, providing the necessary information and services. You provide the list, we handle the work, and you reap the rewards. It’s a win-win proposition for your business.

Exploring Secure IT Asset Disposition (SITAD) and IT Disposal

Secure IT asset disposition, also known as SITAD, is the eco-friendly and secure process of disposing surplus new and used equipment responsibly. This growing industry focuses on the safe and environmentally conscious reuse, recycling, or remarketing of tangible IT assets at the end of their lifecycle.

When it comes to physical computer media like tape storage, hard drives, and SSDs, secure IT disposal ensures complete data erasure or destruction to render the media unreadable. By combining our ASSET RECOVERY program, you can maximize the value of underutilized and end-of-life assets. As a provider of both ITAD and IT Disposal services, we assist in reducing, reusing, and recycling your electronic e-waste.

Unlocking Value for Surplus and Used Assets

For over five decades, we have been at the forefront of the industry, offering unparalleled value for your surplus and used assets. Our solutions empower your organization to optimize budgets, conserve resources, and propel your business forward.

Experience the benefits:

  • Maximize real estate in your warehouse, storage room, or data center
  • Generate additional funds to fuel your next project or purchase
  • Establish a credit account for acquiring new equipment
  • Contribute to environmental sustainability by preventing hazardous materials from reaching landfills
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Our Complete and Comprehensive ITAD Solution

With over 50 years of recycling and data destruction experience, we offer streamlined processes, handling all the work for you. Our secure shipping solutions ensure the safe transport of your assets. Benefit from our complete data destruction and certification services, adhering to industry standards such as DoD, HIPAA, SOX, PCI, and more.

Choose our eco-friendly recycling solutions for end-of-life, non-value equipment. Whether you have a single location or multiple locations, we handle any volume from one box to full containers. Rest assured, our compliant processes ensure full chain of custody, meticulous accounting, and detailed reporting.

Additionally, take advantage of our donation services, allowing you to designate any charity to receive the value of your assets as a donation. Trust our expertise to deliver reliable and sustainable solutions for your recycling and data destruction needs

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