On-Site Data Destruction

On-Site Data Destruction

On-Site Data Destruction

Why risk the avoidable data leak? Destroy all data before it leaves your site.

It’s no surprise that breaches in data security have become more widespread. More than ever, organizations of all sizes are taking the initiative to manage digital data both actively and after retirement. On-site data destruction is being required more often today across all public and private sector organizations.

We come to you. At your convenience.

Our on-site data destruction services give clients an opportunity to witness and verify that their data is destroyed while still in their custody.

On-Site Services Include:

Meets Industry Regulations

Since we opened our doors for business in 1965, we’ve never had one data leak. You can trust that you are working with an industry leader who will protect not only your data but more importantly, your reputation.

At Your Location. At Your Convenience.

Simply put, sometimes sensitive data cannot leave your custody.


Magneitc Degaussing

Hard Drive Crushing

Physical Shredding

Data Erasure

Drive erasure provides a reduction in risks and costs associated with returning leased equipment. By erasing a hard drive instead of destroying it, the hard drive remains reusable internally or resaleable if needed. Data erasure is a perfect solution for destroying data and ensuring value recovery.

Magnetic Degaussing

IDEAL FOR: Loose magnetic hard drives, backup tapes.

Data is destroyed quickly and easily through the use of powerful electromagnetic fields, rendering data unrecoverable. However, degaussing is only effective on magnetic drives and tapes. Degaussing does not destroy data on solid state hard drives.

Hard Drive Crushing

IDEAL FOR: Magnetic hard drives, backup tapes, solid state drives.

Crushing is performed by trucks equipped with high capacity hard drive shredders for large data destruction projects. This data destruction service is popular with large clients and data centers. Physical crushing is perfect for high volume projects consisting of 500-2500 drives or larger.

Physical Shredding

Any data storage media that businesses do not want to reuse or resell should be physically destroyed. For this reason, state-of-the-art, high-capacity shredders are used to destroy all data-bearing media. The entire hard drive, including platters is shredded into small pieces making it impossible to reconstruct the media or data.

Certificate of Data Destruction

Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided upon request, regardless of the service provided – data erasure, degaussing, hard drive shredding, or crushing. See a sample certificate here.

On-Site Destruction – It’s a No Brainer

A quick conversation with one of our Data Destruction Specialists can help generate a cost-effective proposal aligned to your specific data security requirements.