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Ensuring Data Security

When it comes to the sale and disposal of used IT equipment containing sensitive corporate, personal, health, financial, or other confidential data, numerous questions may arise. How secure is your data? Can data be effectively degaussed? Should data be overwritten? Is it necessary to destroy the storage device after data erasure? Rest assured, we empathize with your concerns and are well-versed in the legal and regulatory ramifications of mishandling your valuable data.

Why Consider Data Destruction?

In any organization, data security remains a top priority for IT departments, and understandably so. With increasing demands from clients for proper data handling and adherence to government and industry standards, the need for reliable data destruction services is paramount.

At our company, we offer trustworthy and secure data destruction solutions that encompass both physical destruction using mobile shredders and secure data erasure techniques such as degaussing. All our destruction services are highly effective, auditable, and certified. Whether you prefer shipping your storage assets to our secure facility or requesting the deployment of our mobile data destroyer on-site, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive chain of custody and a certificate of data destruction to all our valued clients upon completion.

Data Destruction Statistics

  • 44% of organizations have never disposed of hardware containing confidential information.
  • 31% of organizations have no protocol for storing and disposing of confidential data
  • 46% of organizations don’t audit the security procedures they have in place.

Safeguarding Confidential Information

Through our data eradication service, we offer a robust solution that guarantees complete eradication of data from tapes, safeguarding your hard-earned reputation and trustworthiness by preventing unauthorized access to confidential information. Our proven eradication processes adhere to the necessary procedures to meet the stringent regulatory compliance requirements of today’s state, local government, industry-specific regulations, customer and employee privacy legislation, and security mandates. All data eradication is carried out at our secure location, ensuring that our clients are shielded from potential legal liabilities and the loss of corporate assets.

We meet or exceeds all industry-specific regulations, including: